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The present article seeks to study the status of interpretation in accurate understanding the hadith and preserving its status as a valid document in the religious texts. Since the hadith is an important and indisputable source in the knowledge of religion, exploring its dimensions and gaining its truth, is of the fundamental needs of science of Hadith. As in the past, this approach has existed among Islamic scholars; the fact is that there are words and propositions in the context of hadiths that are incompatible with the Quran, hadith and reason. Some thoughts and ideas have been presented in order to resolve this incompatibility. This descriptive-analytic study, using the views of the hadith commentators and scholars of jurisprudence, has tried to examine the issue of hadith interpretation and validation. The result indicates that interpretation, in addition to a deeper understanding of the hadith, has an unexplained role in accrediting it.
Keywords : Hadith Understanding ، Hadith Validation ، Hadith Interpretation ، Hadith Documents
One of the important issues about Abraham's prophecy is his pretense to a particular physical illness as an excuse for not being present at the Celebration of the star-worshipers, which is known as doubt of pretense. This doubt is the consequent for certain explanations of the appearance of the verse, "" which is authorized by some traditional texts and followers' words. The current research centered on this question aims to answer the following questions: What are the commonly used approaches to justify Abraham's pretense? How could these approaches be criticized? Which approach is the standard one based on traditions of Imamiyyah in response to the doubt of Abraham's pretense? The results of the research indicate that five important approaches as a response to the doubt of Abraham's pretense have been formed among Muslim scholars: white lie, astronomical news, small illness, inadequate interpretation to death, pseudo-falsehood. Each of these approaches suffers from basic, methodological and source damages, and is unable about eliminating the doubts of Abraham's pretense. The standard approach explains Abraham's being Saqim based on the semantic substance of the word "deceased" -Saqim-, the attention to the context and intangible evidence, the traditions of Imamiyah, and avoidance of rational and literary interpretation. This explanation is done in a way that we don't require to associate false documents to Abraham, and it is not also related to the religious tricks; therefore, the path of any doubt in the infallibility of Abraham is hindered.
Ali Rad
Keywords : Abraham's pretense ، White lie ، astronomical news ، Tawria ، Traditions of Imamiyyah

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