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No 17
Vol. 17 No. 8
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The sermon of Fadak, Hazrat Zahra’s (PBUH) speech was given little after death of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and simultaneously with Fadak was seizure by th caliphs of the time. It was one of the most important evidences of rightfulness of Ahlul Bayt for succession of prophet (PBUH) and It shows the deviation of the Muslim community in this matter. Some people refused the content of this sermon and tried to make doubt in assignment of this sermon to Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and say it is a figment of the shia people. Studies show that the sermon of Fadak is quoted in reliable sources of Shia including “The Four Books” and also is quoted in some ancient narrative-historical books of Sunnis.
Keywords : Keywords: Validity, Sermon of Fadak, Reliable, Hazrat Zahra (PBUH), Fadak
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The present article seeks to study the status of interpretation in accurate understanding the hadith and preserving its status as a valid document in the religious texts. Since the hadith is an important and indisputable source in the knowledge of religion, exploring its dimensions and gaining its truth, is of the fundamental needs of science of Hadith. As in the past, this approach has existed among Islamic scholars; the fact is that there are words and propositions in the context of hadiths that are incompatible with the Quran, hadith and reason. Some thoughts and ideas have been presented in order to resolve this incompatibility. This descriptive-analytic study, using the views of the hadith commentators and scholars of jurisprudence, has tried to examine the issue of hadith interpretation and validation. The result indicates that interpretation, in addition to a deeper understanding of the hadith, has an unexplained role in accrediting it.
Keywords : Hadith Understanding ، Hadith Validation ، Hadith Interpretation ، Hadith Documents

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